Rise & Recliner Chairs at Easy Mobility Services

At Easy Mobility Services we offer a wide range of rise and recline chairs, including single and dual motor riser recliner chairs. We have a wide range of space-saving ‘wall hugger’ chairs and can provide rise and recliner chairs that are made to measure.

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If you have a condition or ailment that makes it difficult to get into or out of a chair then a riser recliner chair could be just what you need. With the electric-powered rise and recline chairs you can recline the chair into a relaxing position, then when you are ready to stand simply push a button and the chair will lift and tilt to help you get to your feet. This means there is little or no physical effort involved to get out of the chair.

Easy Mobility Services having a beautiful range of rise and recliner chairs to suit everyone’s tastes and requirements. Rise and recliners from Sherborne and Primacare, are among the most popular chairs we have available.

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