Powerchairs at Easy Mobility Services

Electric wheelchairs, also called powerchairs, are designed to be versatile multipurpose mobility vehicles. With lighter frames and smaller wheelbases, powerchairs can make travelling both indoors and outdoors safer and more comfortable as well as giving you the independence to go wherever you like.

The main difference between an electric wheelchair and a manual one is the battery powered motor, with this the strain of self-propelling or the need for an attendant to push is gone. Often there is additional suspension and the option of padded captains seats on various models of powerchairs with the aim to increase the comfort similar to that of a heavy duty mobility scooter! Electric wheelchairs almost always have simple and easy to use controls whether it’s in the form of a touch pad or joystick. We have a large range of powerchairs here at Easy Mobility Services from reliable and trusted manufactures. If you would like to find out more about powerchairs and which one is right for you please visit our powerchair guide using the box below.

Need some help?

Choosing the right powerchair for you can be daunting so we have created an easy guide to buying your first wheelchair.