Manual Wheelchairs

Having a new manual wheelchair can give you the freedom to enjoy your independence again. Whether it’s something lightweight to quickly put in the car or more comfortable, heavyweight chair for long distance travel, here at Easy Mobility Services we only stock the best chairs on the market available to purchase online or in store.

Manual wheelchairs can be further organised into four categories; Active, Self-propel, Transit and Travel. Self-propelled manual wheelchairs are operated by the user themselves and therefore offer complete independence and are ideal for day to day mobility. Similarly, Active wheelchairs are generally self-propelled although often more robust and lightweight to suit users who use their chair for sport or exercise. For those without the upper body strength to travel without assistance, a transit wheelchair is ideal for you as the features will vary dependent on your current needs. Finally, travel wheelchairs designed to be taken in vehicles are versatile, more affordable they are a great way to stay social and active.

Need some help?

Choosing the right wheelchair for you can be daunting so we have created an easy guide to buying your first wheelchair.