Radar Key

£5.41 Excl. VAT
£6.49 Incl. VAT

  • Private access to toilets
  • Convenience
  • Access in multiple locations
  • RADAR toilets better option



People who need to use a locked disabled toilet can now be confident that these toilets will be available without request.

These toilets have wide entrances and disability symbols on the door. Toilets fitted with RADAR locks can now be found in shopping centres, pubs, cafés, parks, footpaths, airports, stations and many other locations across the UK.Radar Key for private access to disabled toilets

Unlike regular public toilets, these toilets are often locked and are regularly only available for use on request.

The Radar key scheme ensures that people who need to use accessible toilets don’t have to ask someone to unlock the door so they can use the facilities.

Disabled people’s toilets are big, private and less likely to be occupied. As a result, they are open to misuse by the general public. The Radar Key Scheme enables these disabled toilets to be locked, to prevent vandalism and misuse.