Jubilee Rise and Recliner Chair

£1,695.00 Excl. VAT
£2,034.00 Incl. VAT

  • Premium Seminar TIS mechanism with Variable
  • Angle Lift* (VAL* – M & L only. Ask for more details)
  • Arm covers and Antimacassar included
  • 5-button power on handset
  • Choice of configurable back cushions
  • Heat & massage available Made to order
  • Drop in seat cushions for pressure care issues
    available Made to order. (Ask for more details.)
  • 2 or 3-Seater static sofa available Made to order
  • 5 Year Guarantee on frames, mechanisms
    and all electrics





The Jubilee rise and recliner chair built in the UK is a Tilt-in-Space Dual-motor Cosi Chair developed to provide optimal support in any seating position. This rise and recliner chair comes in a range of stylish back designs and offers a high leg elevation to provide exceptional postural seating options to suit all individuals.

Jubilee recliner chair range
Jubilee recliner chair reclined position

Made to Measure

The Jubilee rise and recliner chair really has it all. The highly configurable design and made-to-measure features mean this rise and recline chair will suit any needs, requirements and decor.

The premium seminar TIS mechanism with variable and angle lift* (VAL* – M & L only. Ask for more details) ensure that the transition between seating positions is smooth and comfortable, all from the easy to use 5 button power on the handset.

This quality crafted chair made in Great Britain can be fitted in various styles, including heated and massage options.

Kilburn Zinc
Kilburn Sky
Kilburn Plum
Kilburn Oatmeal
Kilburn Mink



The Jubilee rise and recliner chairs are our number one Tilt-in-Space (TIS) Dual-motor Cosi Chair designed for optimal support throughout the motions.

A wide range of stylish back designs & upholstery options provides unparalleled postural seating positions to accommodate any individual

The Jubilee rise and recliner chair is available in Waterfall or Lateral Back from stock with other back options & fabrics available and made to order

Jubilee recliner chair materials
Ultra Leather Fudge
Ultra Leather Chianti
Ultra Leather Buff
Ultra Leather Raven Wing

Jubilee Rise and Recliner Chair Specifications

Small Specification
Seat height - 45.7cm / 18"
 Seat width - 45.7cm / 18"
 Seat depth - 45.7cm / 18"
 Weight limit - 20 stone / 127kgs
Medium Specification
 Seat height - 50.8cm / 20’’
 Seat width - 50.8cm / 20’’
 Seat depth - 50.8cm / 20’’
 Weight limit - 25 stone / 158.8kgs
Large Specification:
 Seat height - 53.3cm / 21’’
 Seat width - 55.9cm / 22’’
 Seat depth - 53.3cm / 21’’
 Weight limit - 25 stone / 158.8kgs
Also available in Petite, Made to order only.
Seat height - 40.6cm / 16”
Seat width - 45.7cm / 18”
Seat depth - 40.6cm / 16”
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