Invacare Rea Azalea Self Propelled Wheelchair

£1,800.00 Excl. VAT
£2,160.00 Incl. VAT

  • Recline and tilt seating design
  • Individual size adjustments
  • Invacare Dual Stability System®
  • Range of models to support any user
  • Incredible comfort and stability

The Invacare Rea Azalea wheelchair is the perfect choice for both active and not so active people due to its versatility, comfort and design.

Rea Azalea wheelchair from Invacare

The Rea Azalea Self propel has large rear wheels allowing the client to independently self-propel the wheelchair.

A  recline and tilt seating design unique to the Rea Azalea wheelchair will allow you to easily adjust the seating position to ensure you are perfectly comfortable at all times.

In order to accommodate a wide range of customer needs and body shapes the Flex 3 backrest is highly adjustable in height, width and also shape, and to ensure the client with the best fit, the Azalea offers individual size adjustments to improve posture.

In addition to the popular width and depth adjustment of the seating area, we also offer the same adjustment on the backrest.

This provides a unique combination for postural support and comfort as the adjustments are independent of one another.

The Rea Azalea wheelchair family:

Market leaders Invacare have developed the Rea Passive chair range to ensure a perfect fit and compatibility for a variety of customers. each Rea Azalea wheelchair is highly and quickly adjustable to suit individuals needs and requirements and all the chairs come with the Invacare Dual Stability System® (DSS).


Azalea Base

The Azalea Base wheelchair is designed for people seeking a well-made wheelchair with a custom-made seat that you would come to expect from Invacare.

Rea Azalea Base Self Propel wheelchair from Invacare

Key Features:

  • Transit Propulsion with Attendant Hub Brakes
  • Choice of 4 seat widths
  • Choice of 2 seat heights
  • Choice of 3 seat depths
  • Pearl Silver frame
  • User Manoeuvred Tyre Brakes
  • Anti-tippers

Adapted from the standard Rea Azalea model the Rea Azalea Base has all the benefits and advantages such as the special weight shifting system. The Rea Azalea Base model also has the ‘Tilt in Space’ function that ensures stability for the user when the chair is tilted.


Azalea Minor

With a smaller sized seat, the Rea Azalea Minor has been designed for teenagers and petite adults. As with all Azalea models, the width and depth can be adjusted to suit individual requirements and with the Azalea minor, there is the ‘Tilt in Space’ mechanism that ensures manoeuvring is made easier and stability when titled.

Rea Azalea minor wheelchair from Invacare

Key Features:

  • Backrest Plate with Braced Push Handles
  • Attendant hub brakes
  • Backrest Recline with Tilt Lock
  • Angle adjustable wide pad armrests
  • Pearl silver frame
  • Pelvic Belt
  • User Manoeuvred Tyre Brakes
  • Sideways Adjustable Headrest
  • Depth Adjustable Seat 380mm – 450 mm
  • Choice of 2 Seat Heights 400mm or 450mm
  • Seat Width 340mm (+50mm, + 100mm)

The Azalea Minor is ideal for users that require a solid stable wheelchair. The Azalea Minor wheelchair is available in pearl grey or azurite blue frame colours and tension adjustable backrest option.


Azalea Tall

The Rea Azalea Tall wheelchair has been specifically made to meet the needs of tall individuals who require a tilt-in-space wheelchair with longer seat support.

Invacare Rea Azalea Tall wheelchair

Key Features:

  • Quick-release self propel wheels
  • Solid tyres and aluminium hand rims
  • Angle adjustable leg rests with calf support
  • Flex 3 Backrest, Passad 2 Cushion
  • Height adjustable standard pad armrests
  • Chassis extender, seat height 500mm
  • Sideways Adjustable Headrest
  • Tyre brakes, Pelvic belt, Anti Tippers
  • Self Propulsion, Choice of 24″ or 22″ wheels
  • Choice of seat width 390mm to 490mm

Adapted from the Rea Azalea, the Rea Azalea Tall incorporates all of the advantages of a reliable, tilting wheelchair and offers a unique weight-shifting mechanism.

The Rea Azalea Tall offers ultimate comfort and stability for tall people needing a wheelchair.


Azalea Max

The Rea Azalea Max wheelchair is designed to meet the particular needs of people with extra weight.

The Azalea Max is a niche product which complements the existing Azalea family range from Invacare.

Rea Azalea Max wheelchair from Invacare

Key Features:

  • Tension Adjustable Backrest
  • Max Seat Cushion (Visco Top)
  • Transit Propulsion with Attendant Brakes
  • Angle Adjustable Leg rests with Reinforced Calf Support
  • Seat and Backrest Recline with Tilt Lock
  • Width Adjustable Footplate
  • Sideways Adjustable Headrest
  • Choice of 2 Seat Heights 400mm or 450mm
  • Depth Adjustable Seat 530mm-600mm
  • Choice of 2 Seat Widths 550mm or 610mm

The Azalea Max is available in Pearl Grey or Azurite Blue frame colours. The stability in the Azalea Max originates from body length compensation in the back and leg rests, beneficial for people with limited movement and have difficulty changing position.


Adjustable and comfortable seating

The Rea Azalea boasts a multitude of seating options in either the self-propel or transit wheelchair models making it an excellent choice when choosing a passive wheelchair.

The revolutionary Flex 3 backrest is multi-adjustable in shape, width and height, in order to accommodate a wide range of body shapes. The frame is available in pearl grey and azurite blue and two material options.

The Invacare® Rea™ Azalea® is a “tilt in space” passive wheelchair that ensures comfortable seating and enhanced postural support. The wheelchair is based on a single frame that can accommodate the three rear wheel sizes in different settings making it suitable for passive or moderately active clients.

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  • Flex 3 Backrest, Passad 2 Cushion with Braced push handles
  • Sideways Adjustable Headrest
  • Quick release self propel wheels, Solid tyres and aluminium hand rims
  • Self Propulsion, Choice of 24″ or 22″ wheels
  • Choice of seat width 390mm to 490mm (+50mm)
  • Choice of 2 seat heights 400mm or 450 mm
  • Depth adjustable Seat 430mm – 500mm
  • Angle adjustable legrests with calf support
  • Pearl Silver Frame
  • Height adjustable standard pad armrests
  • User manoeuvred Tyre brakes, Pelvic belt, Anti Tippers