Invacare Comet Large Mobility Scooter

£3,495.00 Excl. VAT
£4,194.00 Incl. VAT

  • Two-step disengaging lever
  • Brake light
  • Hand brake
  • Low battery alerts
  • Built-in anti-splash guards
  • Lockable front box
  • Seat bag fixes over back of seat to provide extra storage
  • Cup holder
  • Heavy-duty storage cover
  • Hassle-free charging


The Invacare Comet is a powerful large 8mph mobility scooter with easy accessibility and incredible reliability at its heart. The Comet mobility scooter from Invacare has been packed with features to give the user a safe, speedy and enjoyable driving experience.

Reliability has been the focal point when designing the Invacare Comet, making sure the scooter was safe and durable.

If it’s a  quick visit to the supermarket or an outdoor drive across testing terrain, you can rely on the Invacare Comet to get you there comfortably and quickly, whilst giving you peace of mind.


The ultimate solution to your transport needs

The Comet has a soft swivelling seat, which offers the optimal driving position and allows the user to move around and enjoy activities whilst staying seated.

Leisure activities with the Invacare Comet Mobility Scooter

Using a combination of outdoor capabilities, good aesthetics and ergonomics the Invacare comet is the ultimate solution to your transport needs.

The Comet is a larger model of the Orion scooter. It offers improved performance and comfort compared to its smaller cousin. Large 13’ wheels as well as powerful motors, reclining back and adjustable armrests provides the user with a very comfortable ride.

The large padded seat can have additional seat-post suspension added for improved comfort.


Unrivalled driving range

What really stands out the Invacare Comet from the rest is its incredible driving range. After a single charge, the scooter can reach up to 34 miles, an unrivalled feature in today’s market.

Despite this, the Comet remains one of the most affordable full-sized scooters available today. The astonishing driving range of the Invacare Comet mobility scooter is accomplished by its high-capacity 75 Ah batteries along with an efficient drive system allowing the rider to go further on a single charge, making this mobility scooter ideal for users with an active lifestyle or users who regularly make long journeys on the roads.Invacare Comet Mobility Scooter parts

The Comet mobility scooter can carry a maximum user weight of 25 stone, being 58’ in length and 26’ in width. There is adjustable suspension in both the front and rear of the chassis, as well as being equipped with an electronic speed reduction feature which automatically lowers the scooters speed when turning round corners, ensuring safe and comfortable manoeuvres at all times.

There is also an extensive assortment of storage options available to fit the Invacare Comet. This includes a lockable front box and rear basket along with an equipment holder.

To allow the Invacare Comet to be used in all elements a windscreen or canopy can be fitted, making the scooter usable in all-weather. There is an adjustable tiller for optimal driving positioning as well as ergonomically designed handles for advanced handling in close spaces.

Integrated into this mobility scooter is the latest electronics technology, offering a visual and audio signal when the batteries need recharging. The one of a kind lighting system on the Invacare comet shows easily visible dual-bulb headlight indicators that are programmed to automatically switch off, as well as an integrated heavy-duty rear breaking light to provide the user with a safe drive.

The Comets simplicity and ease of use, as well as using only top quality products makes the Comet reliable and easy to service. Removal of the top cover allows access to the electronics, motor, cables and the battery. Both the motor and electronics are protected from water and corrosion, helping to keep the vital workings of the scooter safe and preventing malfunction.

There is a two-step disengaging lever that acts as protection from the scooter free-wheeling if it’s ever knocked out of drive mode.

Coming in two attractive colour options of silver or blue, the new Invacare Comet is a mobility scooter designed for all your mobility needs.


Comet Mobility Scooter Design & Features

  • Overall Length: 147.5 cm (58.07″)
  • Width (Wheel To Wheel): 66 cm (25.98″)
  • Weight: 136 kg (300 lbs)
  • Heaviest Component: 160 kg (186 lbs)
  • Maximum Capacity: 160 kg (25 st)
  • Maximum Range: 34 miles (54 km)
  • Maximum Speed: 8 mph (12 kph)
  • Turning Radius: 326 cm (128″)
  • Battery: 2 x 75 Ah
  • Battery Charger: Off-board, 8 amp
  • Tyres: Pneumatics
  • Ground Clearance: 13.5 cm (5.31″)

Invacare Comet Scooter Features






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